Your high-risk pregnancy is our concern.

For Patients

If your doctor has referred you to Fox Valley Perinatology, you may be worrying. Don’t! Visiting a perinatologist means that you are going to see a specialist who has extra training and experience serving families with complex pregnancies.

C. Danae Steele, MD is a board-certified obstetrician who is fellowship trained in maternal-fetal medicine. She works as part of your your care team, including your regular Ob/Gyn.

What to expect

Dr. Steele deals with complex cases, and each one is unique. In most cases Dr. Steele will begin with a routine ultrasound screening and a patient interview to get background on your pregnancy and your history and to collect some basic information about the baby. She may also conduct additional prenatal testing and diagnostic procedures to identify any other possible issues.

After intake, she will discuss your pregnancy and your unique situation and develop a treatment approach aimed at the best possible outcome for both mother and child. Dr. Steele will continue to work with you and your Ob/Gyn through your pregnancy.