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Cost and Quality Information

You can request pricing and quality information from Fox Valley Perinatology for commonly treated medical conditions. A paper copy of the pricing information will include:

  • Current billed charges for these services
  • The average allowable payment from Medicare for these services
  • The typical charge in this area for these services according to Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) Datamart Version 4 (DMV4) database in cooperation with the Wisconsin Medical Society

To request pricing information, call us as (920) 749-4000.

If you do not have medical coverage or have no maternity benefits through your health care plan, call our financial counselor at (920) 749-4000.

Quality Information

Fox Valley Perinatology is an independent practice working in a collaborative care partnership with ThedaCare. You can review information about quality of healthcare services at ThedaCare, compared to other health care providers, for those services that are publicly reported. Quality information is available online at For more information about cost and quality at Fox Valley Perinatology, call (920) 749-4000.

Additional Information from Your Insurer or Health Plan

You can also request an estimate of your total out-of-pocket costs relating to these or other services you require. Contact your insurer or health plan to find out how to obtain this information.